Santana Lopez is a character on Glee. She's now an alumni of McKinley High School. She's portrayed by Cause Your Hot winner Naya Rivera.

Santana Lopez was a former co-captain of the Cheerios with Becky Jackson. She was a part of the Troubletones and New Directions. Santana is a lesbian and is currently dating her best friend Brittany Pierce

Santana joined New Directions together with her best friends Quinn Fabray and Brittany Pierce because Sue wanted to spy on New Directions. Quinn, Brittany and Santana started to like New Directions and decided to stay with the New Directions. Santana was a captain of the Cheerios for a while, until Sue Sylvester found out she had breast implant surgery. Santana quit the Cheerios in The Sue Sylvester Shuffle because Sue wanted to shoot her best friend Brittany in a canon. Together with Quinn and Brittany she was off the Cheerios.

In Season 3, she's back on the Cheerios and becomes a co-captain with Becky, a girl who she dislikes. She pledges her allegiance to Sue and burns the purple piano of the New Directions, which caused her being kicked off New Directions. She rejoins New Directions later and re-pledges her allegiance to New Directions, without Sue knowing.

Personality Edit

In the beginning of Glee, Santana was seen as a stereotype cheerleader. But it is seen that she insults, bullies and is rude against other people. She is also not happy about being a co-captain with Becky, but she never made fun of Becky's disabilities. It is never known why. Maybe she has some sympathy for Becky or she's afraid of Sue's reaction.

As seen in Pilot, Santana used to be Quinn's sidekick and she did whatever Quinn asked. This changed after Quinn got kicked off the Cheerios because of her pregnancy. This made Santana head cheerleader.